Ways On How To Prepare For Exterior House Painting, 5 Tips


House Painting – (1 ) Proper preparation of surfaces to become painted is paramount. Improper preparation is that the main reason for paint failure and / or reduced life from the finish. Surface preparation may take less than a couple of hours, although some require days to finish properly. All this point and work and you‘ve yet to open your first can of paint ! For some, time required and also the knowledge needed for that step was all That They‘d to listen to before calling us in, although not for everybody. Other people who completed projects by themselves were happy using the outcome for the very first couple of years or so after painting. It wasn’t till the eventual premature failure coupled using the thought of how enough time & money That They‘d spent to repaint by themselves they eventually made a decision to leave it towards the professionals the next time around.

(2 ) It is not that high… or can it be. The height of your residence may be a bit deceiving from the bottom, and let us not ignore attempting to safely place a ladder on the garage roof to paint the side from the second story. Proper equipment such like the correct ladders and ladder leveling tools needed to safely perform the preparation and painting of high reach areas could be very costly. Aside from these costs, if have the ear of a fear of heights, painting a two story home might not be the very best choice you earn.

(3 ) Paint Isn‘t always paint as some might say. Using a very good quality paint is vital for multiple reasons, but let us look into the two most crucial to our current and past clients. First and more importantly, employing a high grade paint verses a coffee grade paint will boost the amount of in time between repainting your residence, saving you both time money and other resources sooner or later. Second, and possibly of equal importance to a lot of DIY home painters, higher grade paints provide better coverage per coat reducing time needed to use additional material towards the surfaces being painted. Time money and other resources, it always appear to come right all the way down to both of these things. Every paint manufacturer available has a very good, better, best type of paint with their arsenal of coatings. My recommendation is it may be better to stay away from the lower grade paint options as they simply won‘t perform to most peoples expectations. While it might help you save a couple of dollars today, at some stage in the near future, you‘ll pay the value both in dollars and time spent repainting before you ought to need to.

(4 ) Let us not forget the physical facet of this sort of project. Applying paint upon the exterior of your residence can be a challenge in your body. 100% of homes that‘ll be repainted would require physical activity. Of the 100%, 100% of those homes would require extended periods of your time on ladders (in fact, I‘m not counting any from the dog houses that‘ll be painted ! ). And furthermore, 100% also will require one to stretch and bend the body in ways you might not of known were possible. While you might be in great shape, the repetitive nature of painting, stretching and climbing up & down ladders will require its toll on you physically. Be honest within when considering your physical fitness level before committing you to ultimately completing such a significant project by yourself.

(5 ) Therefore the above information has not changed one‘s mind and you‘ve made a decision to do it right by yourself and skip the services of knowledgeable painting contractor. I applaud your determination and hope everything seems great for you personally. So one final friendly word of advise. Those cans of paint you only bought, please, please please… don‘t use them individually. While you‘ll have purchased all of them simultaneously, when you have like most do, opt for color apart from just what the manufacture put inside the can originally, it doesn‘t match ! ! ! ! Purchase a couple of empty five gallon buckets and

paint is to combine all of it together. Pour the gallons into one five gallon bucket after which from five to five until all paint is mixed together thoroughly. This‘ll blend the slight variations in color from can to can and produce a far more uniform color to the finish coat.


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